palaces   &   dunes


There is nothing more enchanting than sitting by a bonfire on a full moon night amidst the dunes of the cold vast Thar desert in Rajasthan.

We take you through a spell-binding motorcycle adventure that will cut through desert sands and enter magical palace oases, reliving the age of the Indian Maharajahs. This is truly a ride into the heartland of Incredible India.


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Himalayan escape

5  mountains  malaysia 


Saddle up for an incredible journey through tropical Malaysia - 2000 kms of lush thick forests and mountains. Astride the 650 Kawasaki Versys or the 250 Kawasaki KLX, get set to experience a road trip that will leave you asking for more. 

Enroute you will get to experience Malaysian street food, plantation visits, misty hill stations, motorcycle cafes, tropical forest treks, exotic fruits and waterfalls nestled deep inside rainforests. In short, this is, Malaysia - Truly Asia.

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five mountains malaysia

The desert trail

the  Top  of  the  world


Welcome to the highest roads in the world!

A ride of a life time, one that will take you through scenery that includes clear blue glacial lakes and mountain views meant for the gods. 


Stay at the homes of the locals, try their cuisine, visit monasteries and hot water springs and camp out on the shores of the highest lakes of the region.  Experience the high of the Himalayas.


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Photo credit - Arvind Prabhakar, Anand Sankar  -  All Rights reserved to IndusRider, copyright 2020